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How to Find Good Business Advice When the Esports “Experts” Lack Real Solutions

I often talk about esports and it not being profitable to educate people who think it’s an unstoppable cash cow industry. I’m getting fed up with consultants on LinkedIn saying they have the solution. They don’t. I’ve never seen a single one provide a solution. They all talk about scholastic esports, grassroots esports, or gaming in general. Many consultants show how companies can use esports as a marketing strategy.

Advertising the Esports Industry

Hate to break it to you, but then you are in the advertising industry not esports. Esports is teams/orgs, leagues, and coaching/training. Same as traditional sports. ESPN is not directly in the sports industry. They are in the media industry with a focus on sports. Here is the truth about consultants: they can hide. They can have another job behind the scenes (many do).

They could not have revenue for certain months and most don’t even have one part-time employee. Many are or were high school or collegiate esports coaches who realized they know more than 99% of people and think they can make a successful career out of it.

The worst part about it is they don’t even have a theory for a solution for the larger organizations. Are they right about the things they say yes, but if they could have done a better job they would have done it already.Now I will say that esports consultants are 100% accurate when they talk about using gaming and esports to attract a certain demographic and when they say esports belongs in schools. 

Lacking Solutions for Legit Esports Companies

Even when I have said controversial things about the industry, I don’t bash legit esports companies. I mention that sports leagues such as the NHL, NFL, etc. all struggled for many years and that esports will continue to struggle for many years until it’s figured out. Look at the UFC compared to where it is today. So many consultants out there who I honestly haven’t seen accomplish much continue to bash teams and tournament-organizing companies while they have no solution.

Responding to Criticism

Keep in mind most businesses, especially startups fail. In 20-40 years people who criticized esports companies are going to look like the people who criticized the internet after the dot com bust. Many investors jumped into esports like they do many other businesses. Most angel investors or VC will tell you that 9/10 of their investments are going to 0. It will all be figured out and the publishing companies/tournament organizers have been working on a solution to help the teams. 

Taking Time to Find Real Business Solutions

I have been consistently running a business for 2.5 years and never have any reason to criticize large esports brands to gain business. There is a saying “Blowing out someone else’s candle won’t make yours shine brighter”.

I see these organizations and the millions they are losing, yet I don’t see how that’s any different from so many other companies such as Uber, Stripe, etc. Like I mentioned they will eventually figure it out and I’m excited for what’s to come.

It currently is not sustainable which is why I transitioned North Carolina Esports Academy to an EdTech company. Because we provide (not to be corny) education through technology using gaming and esports. 

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