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Transforming Vision: Welcome to NC Esports Academy

The evolution of an organization often mirrors the growth of its vision and reach. With great excitement, we have started our transition from Triangle Esports Academy to North Carolina Esports Academy. This rebranding represents not just a change in name, but a transformation that reflects our commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and expanding horizons. Our journey

Esports: Catalyst for Change & Empowerment in Our Communities

Esports, often celebrated for its impact on STEM education, character development, and overall wellness, possesses a hidden power that extends beyond these areas. One thing we have learned over the past few years at North Carolina Esports Academy, formerly Triangle Esports Academy, is that: esports is not just a game; it’s a catalyst for social

Embracing Innovation and AI: A Glimpse into the Future of Education and Gaming

Attending the Innovation Showcase & AI Forum at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill’s Friday Center was a privilege that provided a window into the future of technology, education, and gaming. The event brought together professionals, students, and companies to explore the possibilities offered by Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence. This day

In the Community: Triangle Esports partners with SparkNC

On July 25th, North Carolina Esports Academy partnered with SparkNC to host a gaming tournament featuring Fortnite. The event took place at Hunt Library, located on the campus of North Carolina State University. This initiative aimed to introduce bright students to cutting-edge fields such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, software development, computer systems engineering, and

expanding esports in North Carolina with STEM popup camps

Expanding Esports in North Carolina: Offering STEM Popup Camps to Surrounding Counties

North Carolina Esports Academy’s premier brick and mortar location in Cary, NC has become a hub of innovation, learning, and fun. Our strategic location has allowed us to conduct successful pop-ups in the surrounding areas, catering to the growing demand for our services.  Through careful evaluation, we have considered branching into areas like Wake Forest

Revolutionizing Esports: Partnering with Local Parks and Recreation to Provide Educational Youth Esports

Introduction In recent years, the realm of esports has witnessed the rise of numerous public and private organizations in North Carolina, particularly in the Raleigh-Durham area. While some initiatives emerged prior to the establishment of the North Carolina Esports Academy (TEA), others emerged in response to its success.  However, many of these organizations have experienced

educational gaming award for innovation

North Carolina Esports Academy: Championing Innovation and Impact in Small Business Awards

Small Business Awards: Recognizing Excellence in Cary’s Business Community The Cary Chambers of Commerce organizes the Small Business Awards annually, honoring outstanding local businesses that have made remarkable contributions to the community. These awards hold immense significance as they shine a spotlight on the innovation, impact, and dedication exhibited by small businesses in Cary. In

Innovative Learning with the District C Program

In March, I had the pleasure of working with students at Sanderson High School in their District C program. District C is an innovative way of learning that involves real-world experience. It’s often discussed the flaws in our current education system. There are many people who are so-called “smart” yet they have no real-world application or experience.

About Us

North Carolina Esports Academy is dedicated to building character and life skill development through productive video gaming. The entire staff is committed to creating premier youth development experiences in order to create pathways for youth in STEM careers.