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Innovative Learning with the District C Program

In March, I had the pleasure of working with students at Sanderson High School in their District C program. District C is an innovative way of learning that involves real-world experience. It’s often discussed the flaws in our current education system. There are many people who are so-called “smart” yet they have no real-world application or experience. They can memorize and take tests yet they are not able to figure it out when a problem arises.

This is what I love about the District C program. They partner with businesses (as they should because we’re preparing students to work for one) and are given a real problem that they have to solve. It’s amazing how the minds of the youth work and how it’s so obvious, yet the adults running the company do not figure it out because of their way of thinking. 

District C is great because, at the same time, I’m able to give back and help develop the future workforce while getting business value out of it. The experience is definitely worth the time and lots of joy comes out of it.

It is great to see how more school systems are realizing that they need something in addition to what the schools are offering. North Carolina Esports Academy will continue to be an advocate in the K12 education.

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