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Building on our vision of growing educational and esports opportunities for youth

North Carolina Esports Academy continually seeks ways to build character and life skills for youth through productive video gaming. Our aim is to impact as many youth as possible by providing opportunities to as many youth as possible.

2 Kids on computer at STEM camp in Garner NC

Expansion Plans

Back when TEA started, we were still figuring out a business model that was financially stable and learning that making the money back from a 6-figure investment with a brick-and-mortar location was going to take time. Our dream has always been to add on other locations around the Triangle and beyond in order to achieve our vision. I took time to reconsider the goals of the business and how to best accomplish the impact we want to make.

Our Goal

As mentioned before, I realized that my ultimate goal is to bring the opportunity and experience to as many youth as possible. Therefore, we have decided to redirect our efforts to better grow our reach in the community. While expansion is still in the plans, due to the pivots TEA has made, it is not necessary to expand in terms of opening a full brick-and-mortar facility. 

Educational Program Opportunities

Many of the educational programs we operate, including competitive esports, can be done from any facility with a decent internet connection. People are looking for the social aspect, fun, and instruction, and it helped us realize how much that really matters.  

While it’s cool to come to a dedicated esports facility, we have learned it makes very little difference in the experience. That has led us to a strategy of adding pop-up venues all across the Triangle. 

Pop-up Events

TEA has decided to partner with venues of all kinds: other businesses, parks & rec, co-working spaces, schools, and more. Many of these venues desire to host esports and already have groups of youth that are interested. We can help then provide the knowledge, experience, and equipment to operate esports in collaboration with other organizations. 

Grow Your Organizations Opportunities by Partnering with TEA

This makes us the perfect partner for venues looking to pursue gaming, esports, and STEM or as we like to say STREAM (science, technology, recreation, engineering, arts, and math). We are already working with the Resource Room Learning Center in Holly Springs and the Town of Apex at the John M. Brown Community Center. Contact us today to see how we can partner with incorporating esports at your venue.

Are you interested in North Carolina Esports Academy presenting at your next event? Contact us today and learn more.

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North Carolina Esports Academy is dedicated to building character and life skill development through productive video gaming. The entire staff is committed to creating premier youth development experiences in order to create pathways for youth in STEM careers.

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