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Why Esports is Necessary for Building the Future Workforce

As I have discussed before, and what we specialize in at North Carolina Esports Academy, esports has many educational components. It is time to talk about the school system, STEM, and workforce development. 

Here, in Wake County, I appreciate how the school system recognizes workforce development and is implementing classes to help students prepare for the workforce and recognize all career fields. When I was in school, no one ever talked about technology, and being 25 years old, it was not that long ago. 

Technology is often left out of STEM

I am aware that there are many STEM schools. A few weeks ago, I asked someone what people focus on when it comes to STEM. We all know that STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math, but it seems as if the technology part is typically left out. 

That is where North Carolina Esports Academy comes in. Most organizations give students laptops to use and call that “technology”. Not anymore. 

“Nowadays, being able to use a computer is not a skill, but a necessity.”

The Esports Industry has Many Opportunities 

I.T. is a very vague term. I.T. can mean very different things, as demonstrated in the image below. 

wake county summer stem presentation

The same goes for esports. Esports is also a vague term. Oftentimes, we are criticized by those in the same space for not running tournaments or operating a professional organization. 

Not Just For Competitive Gaming

When you look at any profession, there is a large range of jobs. For example, when it comes to aerospace, there are not just astronauts, and when it comes to music, there are not just musicians or singers. When it comes to sports, only 1% of the people in that profession are players. Therefore, esports is not just about competitive gaming. 

There are so many roles that are necessary for esports to happen in the first place. From creating the video game being played, to the set-up of the venue, to the organization, planning, power, and internet, there are many things that must be accounted for. Therefore, people need to understand that esports leads to a wide variety of jobs because it is not only people playing video games. 

That is why we are Revolutionizing Esports.

Growing Tech Job Concentrations 

According to Wake County Economic Development, between 2018 and 2023, Wake County is expected to increase its tech job concentration by 14.8% (more than double the national average of 7%)

Here are some other statistics about Wake County and NC’s tech careers: 

  • #1 State for Women in the Tech Sector Workforce 
  • #2 Best Place for IT Pros and Work in the US
  • #2 Most Digitally Inclusive Tech Cities in America
  • #4 Highest Concentration of Tech Job Openings in the US
  • Top Ten Cities for Tech Development 

How we Prepare Our Students

At North Carolina Esports Academy, we focus on getting elementary and middle school-age children interested in technology. We do not expect them to pick a career or know exactly what they want to do, but our goal is to encourage them to pursue a market that has plenty of jobs and pays well. 

When I was growing up, I wanted to create video games. That path changed a bit. I ended up getting into the EdTech space, where I educate the youth through video games. Very similar industries, yet completely different concepts. 

Teaching Soft Skills

As the students start to gain a love for technology, we then look to offer more specific education. This usually takes place when the students are 13+. We also put a large emphasis on soft skills, such as being coachable, having effective communication skills, punctuality, teamwork, etc. The reason we do that is because finding people with these soft skills can be harder than finding people with the technical skills for the job itself. The older someone gets, the harder it is to unlearn bad habits, which is why we teach soft skills at an early age. 

Job Shadowing

At North Carolina Esports Academy, we can offer internships and job shadowing opportunities for high school and college students. By taking an internship with us, they gain experience working in a startup, in entrepreneurship, edtech, and access to our business, video game, and technology network. 

The Triangle is home to many LAN events, from small, 50-person local events to large events that bring in thousands to the arena. Organizations running the events often reach out to us for assistance, which allows us to offer jobs to anyone interested in the space. Doing this allows them to gain experience, earn money, and network with others in the esports and event planning space. 

North Carolina Esports Academy’s staff also participates in many K-12 and college education programs. We are always looking for events to speak at, to participate in career fairs, and more. 

Are you interested in North Carolina Esports Academy presenting at your next event? Contact us today and learn more.

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