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How Education Technology Companies Can Grow Esports Beyond Hosting Large Events

This past weekend the Cary’s own Epic Games hosted the FNCS finals at the Raleigh Convention Center

educational technology companies partnering with esports events

Large Esports Events Make a Huge Impact

Our team at North Carolina Esports Academy had the opportunity to assist and witness firsthand all the moving parts that go into putting on such a spectacular event of that quality. As always, the event brought a lot of economic impact to the Triangle, and Raleigh continues to prove itself a premier destination for international esports events.  We have witnessed this in the last year with the Halo Championship Series and Apex Legends Global Series hosted locally as well. Also, coming up in December of 2022, is the Call of Duty Pro-Am Series in Raleigh.

Pursuing Esports in the Future

Personally, I believe it is important to have these large events hosted in our area because watching North Carolina FC (back then the Carolina Railhawks) was a huge motivator for me while pursuing a professional soccer career. The same ambition translated over to my business career with Triangle Esports.  Having these experiences is why I want to share similar opportunities with the next generation and encourage youth to pursue esports and tech careers. With the growing need for a tech-focused workforce, we believe esports and education can be a great combination for students to prepare themselves for the future.  In a recent post “Preparing the Next Generation Workforce,” we mention that studies show how playing video games encourage critical thinking, improves motor skills, and promotes key social skills like leadership and team building. At North Carolina Esports Academy, we also use them as effective teaching tools for educational skills and college preparation such as algebra, biology, and coding.

But Large Events Alone Cannot Sustain Interest

International, professional events happening are great for economic impact and growing our esports ecosystem in the Triangle. However, having large events is not enough to grow and sustain esports. There must be something permanent in place to truly grow and improve the local esports ecosystem. 

How Triangle Esports Bridges the Gap

That is where North Carolina Esports Academy comes in to play a key role. Our EdTech facilities are the perfect place for esports while introducing education technology and STEM in a fun and safe environment. Currently, Esports is being adopted on all levels: parks & rec, youth competitive, and higher education (we’re working on k-12).  We often assist municipalities, colleges, and other organizations looking to adopt esports and add this growing interest to their programs. 

The Growing Need for Facilities

As interest grows, the biggest problem becomes the lack of facilities. No, it cannot and should not be instructed or played alone online. Just think of a teacher attempting to adequately teach 3rd graders online. Get my point?  As North Carolina Esports Academy continues to expand across the Triangle, North Carolina, and beyond, our goal is to fill this gap by providing a quality facility students and adults can learn and play.

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