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Prepare Your Student for a Degree In Video Game Design

North Carolina Esports Academy wants to help your student prepare for a degree in video game design. Our programs are built to help players grow their skills, which provide opportunities and development toward a degree in an industry they may not have even heard of such as video game design, computer programing, and simulation.

Collegiate esports player

Video Game Design Colleges

Over the weekend, Triangle Esports hosted a collegiate Valorant tournament at our location in Waverly Place, Cary. Colleges that participated included NC State, Elon, William Peace, UNCG, and High point.

That’s right! Colleges have esports.

Not only do colleges now have esports teams, but offer degrees as well, in areas such as video game design, simulation, and more. North Carolina Esports Academy has been working with various local universities to assist in the path toward becoming a collegiate student gamer. 

Partnering with Local Colleges

Colleges are coming to local partners like North Carolina Esports Academy because they are looking for specific types of people to be an addition to their video game design degree programs. Here at North Carolina Esports Academy, we provide the right building blocks and stepping stones when it comes to video game design and simulation in esports.

Check out our after-school programs and youth teams to learn how you can set your child up for success with a future in video game design.

Want to learn more about how esports gaming can be used for stem-based learning? Check out our post on esports education.

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