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How eSports Gaming Can Be Used For STEM-based Learning

Esports gaming is a fun and innovative way for students to learn and sharpen their stem-based skills. In this article, we want to share how our esports company is an innovative start-up in esports education. We aim to help players grow their skills, which are easily transferred to future career paths.

esports STEM Based Learning for Students

Defining eSports Education

What is esports education you might ask? Esports is competitive video gaming. 

People often think of just playing video games, but what about the stem-based skills it takes to make the game, produce a competition, prevent hacking/cheating, and have the proper setup (PC, internet, cabling) to run the event? Many people do not think of education when it comes to esports or video gaming. 

We did, which is how we are educating many young people by using video games in our STEM camps and after-school programs.

STEM Based Learning Skills

We offer the opportunity for kids to learn, socialize, and have fun. Many of the skills that we teach are much needed in today’s workforce and some are transferable amongst industries. Here are just a few examples:

Build or Fix a PC

For instance, knowing how to build and fix a PC. That may be in the PC building industry, but when you think about it what office doesn’t have computers?


When people learn to live stream video games and put videos on YouTube and other social media platforms, that is a skill that can be used in just about every industry. 

Servers and Cyber Security

Oftentimes, during our STEM Camps I will get asked why does every PC looks the same? Which gives me the opportunity to explain what a server is. Someone will ask how do you not get hacked? I then explain what a firewall is and talk a little in-depth about cyber security.

It’s amazing how people who would never have had any interest in the tech industry came to be so interested in it because of esports and video games.

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