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Addressing STEM Workforce Shortage with NC Esports

North Carolina Esports Academy seeks to partner with educational providers to help train students for the future workforce. In this article, we will look at recent developments in the funding of jobs and opportunities. 

Funding for a New Workforce in STEM

Recently in USA Today, an article was published discussing the growing importance of semiconductors in driving modern technology, necessitating the expansion of chip production and innovation globally. The collaboration between the United States and Vietnam, particularly in light of the CHIPS and Science Act’s funding for semiconductor manufacturing and research, reflects a concerted effort to strengthen the semiconductor supply chain and workforce.

Challenges with Shortage of Workers

This initiative is expected to create thousands of new jobs in the U.S. semiconductor industry. However, a significant challenge lies in the shortage of STEM workers to fill these positions, with projections indicating that around 67,000 jobs in the semiconductor industry alone could remain unfilled by 2030 without robust efforts to strengthen the STEM workforce.

Bridging the Workforce Gap

To address this workforce gap, fostering education in fields related to technology and innovation becomes crucial. Esports education, for example, plays a vital role in bridging this gap by engaging students in technology-driven activities that require problem-solving skills, teamwork, and digital literacy.

By incorporating esports programs into education, institutions can help prepare students for future STEM careers, contributing to both the growth of the semiconductor industry and the broader tech sector while simultaneously addressing the skills shortage challenge.

Opportunities to Conduct Esports Programs

At North Carolina Esports Academy, we are excited to provide hands-on gaming, esports, and STEM education for any location. We offer, workshops, camps, and after-school programs throughout North Carolina. Learn more by visiting our Mobile Programs and Camps page.

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