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Expanding Horizons: North Carolina Esports Academy at the CHCCS Career Fair

In a significant milestone for our organization, we recently had the privilege of participating in a career fair hosted by the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools (CHCCS). This event marked the first time in our company’s history that we could actively engage with students, educators, and schools from not only Chapel Hill but also neighboring areas.

The result? An exciting opportunity to introduce the worlds of esports and EdTech.

Our Approach:

What set this career fair apart was our innovative approach. For the very first time, we set up gaming stations for students to experience esports firsthand. The results were remarkable – students hung out at our booth, participating in competitive gaming, and their friends gathered around to watch.

This interactive approach not only boosted interest but also provided us with a unique opportunity to converse with the students about the many career prospects within the esports industry.

Unveiling the Potential of Esports:

One of our primary goals was to shed light on the numerous career pathways that esports offers, and it was clear that both students and teachers were open and interested. Many were eager to explore the possibility of launching esports clubs within their schools, while others expressed interest in internships and future employment opportunities in this needed area.

Bridging the Awareness Gap:

As always, one of the challenges we encounter is the lack of awareness regarding the diverse career options in esports. The career fair was a platform where we could address this issue head-on, inspiring students to consider a future in an industry that merges their passion for gaming with a multitude of exciting career paths.

A Vision for the Future:

Participating in the CHCCS career fair was more than just an event for us; it was an opportunity to ignite the ideas and possibilities esports can offer. By exposing students to the possibilities that esports and EdTech offer, we aim to empower the next generation with knowledge and pathways to success.

We look forward to fostering partnerships with schools, supporting the creation of esports clubs, and providing opportunities for students to embark on various journeys within the world of esports. 

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