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Expanding Esports in North Carolina: Offering STEM Popup Camps to Surrounding Counties

North Carolina Esports Academy’s premier brick and mortar location in Cary, NC has become a hub of innovation, learning, and fun. Our strategic location has allowed us to conduct successful pop-ups in the surrounding areas, catering to the growing demand for our services. 

Through careful evaluation, we have considered branching into areas like Wake Forest or areas further away than Durham and Chatham County. 

Therefore, we’re thrilled to announce our unique expansion of services to these thriving counties.

expanding esports in North Carolina with STEM popup camps

Remote Pop-up Camps for STEM Education

This summer, our pop-ups at camps held in schools across Durham County and Chatham County have been a resounding success. Embracing the pop-up method has empowered us to reach more youth, eliminating the need to wait for traditional facilities to open. Considering the current state of the industry, this approach is undoubtedly the best method we have found.

The False Growth of Traditional Esports

While many acknowledge that esports is a rapidly growing industry, the truth is that its substantial growth is predominantly happening in Asia and certain parts of Europe, not as much in the United States.

Unfortunately, 2023 has witnessed major challenges within the industry, with massive layoffs, bankruptcies, mergers, and sell-offs. Amateur and semi-pro teams have been facing tough times for a while, and now even large professional organizations are feeling the impact.

Small businesses within esports are also encountering hardships, as some gaming centers, esports bars, and media companies have been forced to close down.

The Future Success in Esports

The key to survival lies in adaptation – the industry’s new frontier revolves around STEM and content creation, rather than just tournaments and competitive gaming.

North Carolina Esports Academy is at the forefront of this transformative shift, continuously innovating to remain relevant and successful in a post-COVID world. Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine the esports landscape, empowering the next generation of talented individuals in this thriving industry.

If you are interested in having your child participate in one of our STEM camps, click here for more info.

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