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The Education & Workforce Conference was held in Durham, NC on August 11, 2022. Many state leaders in business, education, government, and non-profits were in attendance.

North Carolina Esports Academy participated this year as an attendee and vendor. As soon as we heard about the conference, we knew we had to attend. After all, this conference is exactly what we are all about!

Conference Focus

The conference’s focus was on how to help education providers and job creators to collaborate. If done correctly, the educational system could train students for today’s workforce. More importantly, students would also be prepared for opportunities far into the future. Currently, there is a large gap between the 200,000 unemployed in the state and the more than 400,000 job vacancies, especially in the IT and tech industries.

Debra Durr, N.C. Chamber director of government affairs, stressed the importance of an educational system that aligns with the business community[1]. She highlighted preparation through the K-12 experience so students would be able to blaze their trails after high school. That could mean a four-year college, a trade school, or high-quality credentials for specialty jobs.

Derr was quoted in the article by, “We need an education system that’s aligned with our business communities, so students feel well-prepared to forge their paths ahead post-high school.[2]” 

Jaimie Francis, vice-president of policy and programs at the U.S. Chamber, put it best, “We’re going to need the employers in our industries to be really vocal about what their talent challenges are so that we can turn those challenges into opportunities and into solutions that will better serve students and workers, that will promote better partnerships for education and training.”[3]

Produce Opportunities From Challenges

Francis went on to explain the Talent Pipeline Management national program [4].

The goal of the program creates better access for potential employees. Prospects would have support through short-range and long-range strategies and association support.

Jaimie Francis went on to underscore that equity, inclusion and diversity need to be at the forefront of the business community’s mind. Talent and dedication are found in all corners of our neighborhoods. Employees need to come from all levels of the community for workplace needs to be met. For diversity to truly blossom, partnerships between education and business need to develop.

North Carolina Esports Academy is Part of the Solution

During the conference, we had the opportunity to highlight our success strategy of immersing kids in hands-on, innovative STEM education through gaming. We demonstrated at our booth how we educate youth in IT, coding, video game design, esports, and more.

Studies show how playing video games encourage critical thinking, improves motor skills, and promotes key social skills like leadership and team building. At North Carolina Esports Academy, we also use them as effective teaching tools for educational skills and college preparation such as algebra, biology, and coding.

Our positive impact on North Carolina’s future job pipeline was further cemented by our partnership with Wake County STEM Education this summer. North Carolina Esports Academy collaborated with WakeEd Partnerships Summer STEM and Career Immersion programs.  Partnering with our local school system allowed us to share how esports and gaming can be used for STEM education and development with teachers.

This is exactly the kind of critical alliance the conference deemed necessary for the future of North Carolina’s workforce.

Preparing The Workforce Of Tomorrow Means Growth Today

North Carolina Esports Academy is currently located in Cary, North Carolina. As our curriculum and student base grow, we are actively looking to expand within the Triangle of Wake, Durham, and Orange counties.

Attendees at the conference were delighted upon hearing of our expansion plans. We revealed our longer-term goal of having facilities in Chapel Hill, Durham, Holly Springs, Morrisville, Fuquay-Varina, Garner, Wake Forest, Apex, and Raleigh in the next few years.

North Carolina Esports Academy Is Ready

Triangle Esports continues to evolve and grow to provide youth with unlimited “what ifs”. We look forward to being part of North Carolina’s workforce solution by ensuring our students have transferable skills today for STEM careers in the future.

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