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North Carolina Esports Academy: Championing Innovation and Impact in Small Business Awards

Small Business Awards: Recognizing Excellence in Cary’s Business Community The Cary Chambers of Commerce organizes the Small Business Awards annually, honoring outstanding local businesses that have made remarkable contributions to the community. These awards hold immense significance as they shine a spotlight on the innovation, impact, and dedication exhibited by small businesses in Cary. In

Innovative Learning with the District C Program

In March, I had the pleasure of working with students at Sanderson High School in their District C program. District C is an innovative way of learning that involves real-world experience. It’s often discussed the flaws in our current education system. There are many people who are so-called “smart” yet they have no real-world application or experience.

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How to Find Good Business Advice When the Esports “Experts” Lack Real Solutions

I often talk about esports and it not being profitable to educate people who think it’s an unstoppable cash cow industry. I’m getting fed up with consultants on LinkedIn saying they have the solution. They don’t. I’ve never seen a single one provide a solution. They all talk about scholastic esports, grassroots esports, or gaming

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Building on our vision of growing educational and esports opportunities for youth

North Carolina Esports Academy continually seeks ways to build character and life skills for youth through productive video gaming. Our aim is to impact as many youth as possible by providing opportunities to as many youth as possible. Expansion Plans Back when TEA started, we were still figuring out a business model that was financially

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Why Esports is Necessary for Building the Future Workforce

As I have discussed before, and what we specialize in at North Carolina Esports Academy, esports has many educational components. It is time to talk about the school system, STEM, and workforce development.  Here, in Wake County, I appreciate how the school system recognizes workforce development and is implementing classes to help students prepare for

How to Build a Successful Professional Esports

In my previous blog posts, I talked about the misconceptions about esports and how many esports teams or organizations do not profit, resulting in them folding or merging. Everyone keeps resorting to doing the same thing, thinking throwing more money into the mix will solve the problem. However, I have spoken to many people, that

How the Triangle Can Become an Esports Powerhouse

The Triangle area is famously home to a multitude of sports facilities, amateur sporting events, and colleges which boast excellent athletic programs. However, it is not a major hub for professional sports. This is not because the Triangle is lacking in any way, but rather because Raleigh-Durham was simply not originally designed to host major

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North Carolina Esports Academy is dedicated to building character and life skill development through productive video gaming. The entire staff is committed to creating premier youth development experiences in order to create pathways for youth in STEM careers.