North Carolina Esports Academy

North Carolina Esports Academy

Author: Caleb Smith

Pioneering Early Workforce Development

Pioneering Early Workforce Development

In recent years, the North Carolina Esports Academy has dedicated itself to blending gaming with educational initiatives aimed at the younger generation. Our initial strategy was to integrate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) learning with the gaming interests of elementary and middle school students. The ultimate vision was to shift towards workforce development by the

The First Steps of a Gaming Revolution: Game Changers Hackathon

North Carolina Esports Academy recently teamed up with STEMedia for an unprecedented event: the inaugural Game Changers Hackathon. This event was more than just a success; it’s the beginning of an exciting yearly tradition. While the Esports Academy is stepping back to only provide the venue in the future, our sibling organization, EdTech Unite, is

Offering Innovative Learning with SparkNC

A Summer of Fun and Learning Recently North Carolina Esports Academy joined forces with SparkNC to kickstart a summer of gaming and education, hosted in the Hunt Library on the campus of North Carolina State University. The event marked a significant milestone, drawing students from 16 school districts in North Carolina. Tournaments Featuring Fortnite :

The Power of Integrating STEM and Video Games for At-Risk Youth

In today’s modern world, educators and institutions face a pressing challenge: how to maintain student engagement in a world filled with countless distractions. Traditional methods of teaching often fall short, especially with students who may be considered ‘at-risk.’  However, innovative approaches, such as integrating video games with STEM education, are proving to be effective in

Expanding Horizons: North Carolina Esports Academy at the CHCCS Career Fair

In a significant milestone for our organization, we recently had the privilege of participating in a career fair hosted by the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools (CHCCS). This event marked the first time in our company’s history that we could actively engage with students, educators, and schools from not only Chapel Hill but also neighboring areas.

Addressing STEM Workforce Shortage with NC Esports

North Carolina Esports Academy seeks to partner with educational providers to help train students for the future workforce. In this article, we will look at recent developments in the funding of jobs and opportunities.  Funding for a New Workforce in STEM Recently in USA Today, an article was published discussing the growing importance of semiconductors

North Carolina Esports Logo

Transforming Vision: Welcome to NC Esports Academy

The evolution of an organization often mirrors the growth of its vision and reach. With great excitement, we have started our transition from Triangle Esports Academy to North Carolina Esports Academy. This rebranding represents not just a change in name, but a transformation that reflects our commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and expanding horizons. Our journey

Esports: Catalyst for Change & Empowerment in Our Communities

Esports, often celebrated for its impact on STEM education, character development, and overall wellness, possesses a hidden power that extends beyond these areas. One thing we have learned over the past few years at North Carolina Esports Academy, formerly Triangle Esports Academy, is that: esports is not just a game; it’s a catalyst for social

Embracing Innovation and AI: A Glimpse into the Future of Education and Gaming

Attending the Innovation Showcase & AI Forum at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill’s Friday Center was a privilege that provided a window into the future of technology, education, and gaming. The event brought together professionals, students, and companies to explore the possibilities offered by Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence. This day

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North Carolina Esports Academy is dedicated to building character and life skill development through productive video gaming. The entire staff is committed to creating premier youth development experiences in order to create pathways for youth in STEM careers.

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